Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Fall

The most beautiful and exciting film I have ever seen in my life is Tarsem Singh's The Fall. Originally I only ordered it because Lee Pace (aka most beautiful man in the world) was in it, but the first time I saw it I completely fell in love. I've seen in at least 10 times now, and have made almost all of my friends and family watch it, but it still breaks my heart every single time. Catinca Untaru is undubitably the most extraordinary child actress I have ever seen, and Lee Pace is as good as ever. The film was shot in over 20 countries, and all financed by Tarsem himself. It's about an injured stuntman, Roy, and little girl, Alexandra who are both at the same hospital in LA, early in the 20th century. They strike up a friendship that is built on Roy's stories and Alexandra's imagination. It starts out reasonably happy and calm but soon we find out that things are not quite what they seem. Anyway, I don't want to post any spoilers because you all have to watch it, but I will entice you with some images:

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