Friday, 24 December 2010

Favourite poems pt.10

Anna Ackmatova - To Many
(translation by Sergei Roy)
I am your voice, through me your temper rings,
And I am a reflection of your face.
In vain, the futile flutterings of your wings,
For I will stay with you in any case.

That is the reason you love me so greedily
Me in my feebleness and in my sins,
And that was why you gladly gave to me
The fairest and the finest of your sons.
And that was why in all these endless days
You never asked me where he was; instead
You filled with acrid fumes of empty praise
My house from which its heart and soul had fled.
You plead now: none could be as close to me,
No other love could be as misbegotten...

The way a shadow would from substance flee,
The way the soul aspires the flesh to leave -
That's how, these days, I want to be forgotten.

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