Thursday, 13 January 2011


Many, many years ago, when MTV still played music videos, there was a show called MTV:New presented by a blonde scandinavian guy called Lars or something like that. It was through that show that I discovered many a good band, the most important of them is Simian. Back in 2001 I saw the video for One Dimension and completely fell in love. Later that year I managed to see them live in Amsterdam (Crossing Border festival) and it was seriously the best thing I'd ever heard/seen. They are still the best live band I've ever had the fortune of watching, my favourite gig was at the 2002 edition of London Calling, again in Amsterdam. I think I probably forced Simian on almost all of my friends, and I don't remember a single person disliking them!

Nowadays, many people are aware of Simian Mobile Disco, but don't know that they were once a band (although the Mobile Disco is obviously two people and there were four in Simian). And even when they do know they were a band, this is usually because of their last album, We Are Your Friends and the songs "La Breeze" and "Never Be Alone". I love that album and those songs, they are wonderful, but nothing compared to their earlier stuff. Simian started out as more of an electro-folk outfit, making incredibly beautiful, small, heartwarming/breaking songs. Here are some of my favourites:

The Wisp

Round and Around

Turn Around

Over the Hills



  1. I love Simian, too! Like most people, I'm only really familiar with "La Breeze" and "We Are Your Friends", etc. Thank you for posting these tracks, I especially love "One Dimension". Also, I have the same feelings about Soulwax. They were great as a band.

  2. Actually, I've decided "Round and Around" and "Turn Around" are my favourites!

  3. Round and Around is probably my favourite :D. But Turn Around was always my favourite live song!

  4. I love how unusual (?) they sound!