Sunday, 8 August 2010

Roland Topor.

A couple of years ago I was on holiday in Strasbourg with my parents. We visited the Museum of Modern Art, as we always do wherever we go, and there was an exhibition by an artist I had not heard of; Roland Topor. There were drawings, films, paintings, whole murals made by him and every single piece was AMAZING. (Although some were rather filthy, haha). I particularely remember a short films about giant slugs attacking cities and eating people, it was hilarious. This exhibition made me fall in love with his works, so afterwards I also read his books, including the fantastic Le Locataire Chimérique (you might've seen Roman Polanski's The Tenant which is based on the book), saw him in Werner Herzog's Nosferatu and quite obsessively looked everywhere for images of his art. What I still love above all are his drawings. This is why:

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  1. Renée, wat prachtig dit! Ik kan maar niet ophouden met er naar te staren, echt zo zo zo wauw!